Mariage de Sonia et Stéphane @grangedesmollières

isabelle & Nicolas - 

Thanks to Alvine, our wedding went perfectly well. She listened to our requests, gave us good advice and directed us towards professional service providers who cared about the service provided. We have no regrets about our decision to use the services of an organizer, both for the preparation and the management of the big day. The strong point: the setting up of a stunning decor!

Sonia & Stéphane - Photographer @wknphotographies - La grange des Mollières 

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Dear Alvine, RJ and I are anjoying our honeymoon and we want to thank you for all your hard work and dedication leading up to our wedding day and making sure we're had a wonderful event. We enjoyed it to the max, it was a fairytale wedding for unsand your help has been tremendous. Thank you very much. Lots of love for RJ & Paulien.

Paulien & Robert Jan - Photographer @Marloes - Château de la Plaudière


Without her, our marriage would never have been so beautiful! She was so close, like a big sister helping me with my wedding. Even my dress, she was worried about the repairs. 

Everything was exactly as I wanted, and even stress, all calm, she really reassured us with her impeccable skills and professionalism.
She allowed us to enjoy our evening without worrying about anything. What really touched us was the fact that we had a professional who really goes all out to please you, and that goes beyond that, we could see her efforts and that she does everything to make our day really unforgettable! And she succeede

Jussara & Renato - photographer @Benoit Pitre -  Home sweet home


We approached the MOMENTS D'EMOTION team only 5 months before the wedding,
that is to say what a challenge!
She understood our theme from the outset.
Patient, always smiling and there to cheer us up when the stress is there.
She really knew how to transcribe what we wanted, without a déjà vu effect, making everything unique. She even gave us some nice decoration surprises! Frankly, it was a pleasure for us to work with them.
Our wedding was far beyond our expectations, thank you!

Laurie & Kevin - Photographer @Elfie Richard - 


Alvine has shown professionalism. Very responsive, very flexible and available. Perfectly attuned, our idea of the revisited wedding was perfectly understood. 

Anything unexpected? No problem, Alvine still has her plan B, her plan C, etc. 
Any hesitation or need some advice? No problem, either! 
Thanks again, it was a pleasure and a great experience. 

Laëtitia & Michel - Photographe @jleal - Lafayette

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For a small budget, we had a wedding that all our friends called princely.
No one wanted to believe that our initial budget was paltry... We were bluffed. Beyond professionalism and responsiveness, the staff 
of Moments of Emotion have been for us true temporizers of the couple, and fine psychologists in this so important and delicate moment of our life.
Because they do their job more than anything else out of passion,

It is important to them the quality of the relationship and understanding of the couple for whom they are officiating, in order to develop a complicity and to meet our expectations as well as possible.
Thank you to Moments d'Emotion for helping to make this unique day the most beautiful day of our lives.

Isabelle & Nicolas  - Photographe @SK Studio Paris - Paris 


Moments d'émotion took care of the decoration and organization of our wedding. We were dazzled, our guests and ourselves loved the decoration of the hall. Everything was perfect, Alvine is much more than a wedding planner, she knew how to make herself available, to listen, to give us precious advice and to adapt to our budget.
This day will remain engraved in our memories. A big thank you to the whole team of Moments d'émotion!

Lisa & Mikaël - Rueil Malmaison wedding


Our wedding was beautiful. The decoration was exceptional and the organization was top-notch. I would like to thank MOMENTS D'EMOTION for having managed everything so well because the d-day must be the most beautiful and was the case thanks to her. 

Perle & Thomas - Photographer @MDE - Mariage à Chanas

Mariage au Pré Catlan Paris

It was a pleasure to work with you, it was family and friendly. Alvine was there, despite the stress: you did a great job, gorgeous!
I highly recommend it. Very nice symbiosis with the rest of the team.

Anminata & Karim - Phorographer @MDE  - Le Pré Catlan Paris

Mariage chic et champêtre

When I think back on my wedding day, Sunday, June 4, 2017, I am moved, I have a smile on my face . It was a wonderful day: beautiful place, beautiful decoration, delicious meal, the joyful and serene atmosphere at the same time, obviously my guests were satisfied! I thank Alvine because the timing was perfect, everything went well. Moreover she was available and attentive throughout the preparation. I was overwhelmed.

Patricia & Jacob - Photographer @MDE